Who are Scottish Modellers?

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Who are Scottish Modellers?

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:47 pm

Scottish Modellers is formed to promote and foster interest in the modelling of Scotlands railways in all eras and scales by:

* Collecting and correlating information about both prototype and modelling which is likely to be of value to modellers.

* Collecting and consolidating opinions from members of The Society and public with which to influence manufacturers and traders, thereby achieving adequate recognition of the needs of modellers of the railways of Scotland.

* To provide for the interchange of knowledge, experience and ideas among modellers of Scottish railways by means of an Egroup : scottishmodellers on the Yahoo! Groups network.

* Achieving fuller recognition of Scottish modelling in the model railway press.

* Should the required support be available, and if invited, provide a stand at model railway exhibitions. This shall be of any form available to The Society and as agreed by the members and the exhibition manager.

* Should the required support be available by providing a public exhibition which displays the work of The Society and other like minded bodies either of a profit or non profit making nature.

More information can be found on our website here : http://www.scottishmodellers.co.uk/


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