Scottish Modellers Challenge Trophy - The Future

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Do you want the Scottish Modellers Challenge Trophy to stay within grouop or made into a trophy at Modelrail Scotland?

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Scottish Modellers Challenge Trophy - The Future

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:24 pm

Hi all,

You should all receive the following email shortly.......

Scottish Modellers Challenge Trophy - The Future

Following on from the discussion at the AGM regarding the future of this idea.

Would all members please return a vote on the following.

Do the members want to continue with the Scottish Modellers Challenge as an annual in group event?

Yes or No

If Yes......

I will circulate the criteria that need to be met.

If No.......

Should we make the Scottish Modellers Challenge Trophy an award at Modelrail Scotland?

Are there any other suggestions?

Phil H


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Scottish Modellers Challenge Trophy - The Origins

Post  Guest on Thu Jun 30, 2016 8:03 pm

Hi all,

Having had Andy distribute the email regarding this - I've seen a couple of the responses.

So - for clarity...................

The trophy idea came about following the death of a long term friend and inspiration in 2013.

His name was Peter Blakemore.

After his death I helped his family dispose of his model railway collection.

When the family had the will read there was a surprise clause (well - to me at least).

I was to receive £100 with the proviso that I use it to create a trophy for whatever aspect of model railways I saw fit and for it to be awarded yearly

A bit of background then.....

I first met Peter through my father when I was about 8 or 9 years old.

I was already into model railways and we had a family layout which was all Fleischmann, German outline and steam.

My father knew Peter's family and decided to take me along to see what Peter was up to in the hobby.

This was duly done and I met Peter and got to see his layout.

This was all in Lone Star Treble O and was my first introduction to what became N gauge model railways.

This obviously had a great effect on me and I decided to sell all the HO and OO that I had collected.

This didn't happen very quickly due to family reasons but did happen in about 1968 (shortly after I did my first ever exhibition).

Peter was a design engineer and worked for Rolls Royce and for nearly all the time I knew him his base was Barnoldswick.

Over the years we kept in touch and sought each other out whenever we were within visiting distance.

In the 70's we were both living in the Huddersfield area and exchanged visits with each other on a week by week basis.

The 70's was a ground breaking time for N Gauge and we were both fully committed to the scale.

Wanting to have funds for the model railway led me to getting a part time job in the local model shop and also an introduction to their newest venture.

This was cast white metal body kits to kit the ever faster expanding Graham Farish N gauge products.

I ended up building a lot of models, all the bodies for the model railway press and for both shop and private customers, which included Peter.

Following on from building the shops own range of kits I took on more kit building in N gauge and there was a good demand for them!

Having been building kits to go on the Farish chassis I took it a stage further and started modifying the chassis to allow other kits to be made that fitted the modified chassis. I also ended up making masters for a variety of things - including cast lifeboats for the RNLI!

The local Farish rep got onto what I was up to and 'borrowed' some of the modified chassis to take and show the factory what was possible.

Farish would not have done the LMS Compound if they hadn't seen how I modified the chassis and had it as a sample to work from.

Peter was my 'go to' man whenever I needed insight into how I could achieve an acceptable result.

His engineering background, skills and knowledge was always useful and a great inspiration to me.

So - that's the 'How and Why' for the existence of the trophy.



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